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Took my son out this morning for a trail ride on our 3 month old Viking VI. Half way up the trail, we come to a little obstacle. I come to a complete stop, throw it it four wheel drive, it engages and we climb the obstacle easily. We get to the top, come to a complete stop and I accidentally turn the know to the right into diff lock instead of left into 2wd. Okay, no biggie right. I turn the knob back to 4wd, waiting for the diff lock indicator and blinking red light to disappear, but diff lock doesn't disengage. I rock it a little bit and it doesn't do it. I turn the steering wheel left and right with a little throttle and it still stuck. I tried everything. It stayed stuck in diff lock and will not go into 4wd or 2wd.

Called my dealer and he told me to try the same things I've already done, if they don't work, bring it in. Well on the way back, I stopped periodically to try disengaging it with no luck. He told me I could drive it back in diff lock but not at high speeds if possible. Got back to the stagin area, loaded, and just dropped it off at the dealer. It under warranty so no problem, but this blows.

Any thoughts? Tips?
BTW... I love this thing!

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