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I hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I've been reading some good info on this site for several weeks and since I just got my Viking yesterday I figured I would join.
Man is this thing awesome, I just ordered the brushguard, winch and led light bar. Can't wait to get this thing setup the way I want it. I ended up with the Real Tree with EPS and I couldn't be happier. What are some of the things you've done to your Vikings that you would and wouldn't do again? I am contemplating the machined sheave, have any of you installed it yourself?


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Welcome to the site. If yours didn't come with a the sound deadening kit...it should be first on the list!
^^^^This! And follow Mass-n-trash's thread on how to improve on it. I did and I absolutely love it!!!!
and sorry, I almost forgot....Welcome to the site!

I'd definetly start with the sound insulation mod from yamaha. After that, it's all about what your priorities are and what you plan to do with the Viking. For example, I plan to wheel and do a lot of camping with mine.... Therefore, winch, lift, tool box, lighting, and just practical mods were on my to do list.
Thanks guys, it did come with the deafening kit. I still expected it to be louder than it is. I do want a lift and big tires but I'm gonna try to wait until I weat out the factories, TRY!
Bluerebel, do you intend on getting a parallel battery for your lighting and winch? I just ordered a 4500ilb winch and a 30inch light bar. Not sure if I need another battery but I assume I am close to the line.
I'm still debating it. I'm running my winch and a 7" LED bar hooked up to the factory reverse lighting wiring.

I do plan to add a 50" bar up front and a sound system, when I do, I'm pretty sure I'll be buying the second battery kit from Yamaha.
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new viking!
I'm running a winch 40" light bar and a stereo and still can run about 13 to 13.5 volts with everything on
^^^^this. I'm running a 40" light bar and SSV stereo, no problems.
FYI: The stator output on the Viking is 36.4 amps at 5,000 rpm.
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Welcome to the Viking madness! Congrats on the new machine!
Hey New Guy, I'm a New Guy as well. I'm enjoying mine so far (two weeks).
I'm a New Guy as well. I'm enjoying mine so far (two weeks). Mine is a Red Viking, no accessories yet! I see a lot of things I want but runnin low on money!
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