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Hello, I do not yet own a viking but have been reading up on them as much as possible and I have been coming to this forum and viking forum.org but the .org forum will not let me register, keeps saying I'm a spammer. Are the two affiliated? I try to use the " contact us " option to get an administrator but even that says I'm spamming.
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I registered just last week and this message came up as well. You should receive an email from the moderator and it gives you a link to go to as a last step to be fully registered.
I get PM's from folks over there, im a Mod there too, that have the same issue, i ususally contact they Admin on there behalf, and get them up and running.

BTW, They are not ran by the same people, and they dont like you talking about the .org site on this site, believe me...
ok thanks guys, i'll see what happens
I had to register from my laptop. I can't logon from my iphone.
Alot of the mobile users use the site on the Tapatalk app.
Just dowloaded the app. Thanks for the info
Just dowloaded the app. Thanks for the info
No problem
I already use tapatalk for other forums. I went there, tried to register. Sorry we have an active policy against spammers.bah cya back to this forum :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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