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Thinking about this setup. Tires and Winch.

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ITP Mega Mayhem 28x9x12 and 28x11x12 ATV / UTV Tires $555 complete set without rims.

3000lb NEW ATV WINCH 2014 Yamaha Viking for 169 with mounting plate.

Both free shipping.

I'm a cheap ass and big brand names are not a issue with me. I don't plan on mudding to much or hill climbing a bunch just creek riding and trails. I drive about 5 miles to our riding area for now till I buy a bigger trailer. What you guys think? I know the winch maybe on the small size but when I get stuck I'm in creek with gravel and sand. I can pick and push it out while the wife hits it and get out but crap it kills my beer buzz.. lol.
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Guess that'll work alright, get a snatch block, double the pulling power of your winch.
Where did you find the tires?
ebay!!! Ebay search it man.

yeah two line it will pull double.
Oh yeah! On order and hope to have it next week then I'll slap it on! Will update after I get everything on and tested because I will test it right!


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