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But I have a few questions. Been lurking here and pioneer forum. I saw the video of the blue viking stuck in a mud hole. Has anyone else had that noise happen to them? What is the biggest tire you can put on it with no mods? I would like to run 26-27 inch tires. Does the suspension sag after a while? I'm a bigger guy and with the wife in it with me we would have about 400 pounds plus gear and possibly a 100 lb lab. Will it hold up? Can the suspension be preload adjusted? I have seen anything about that being possible. Is the hit rear differential really that big of a deal? Should I get a plate or wrap exhaust. Or both? I have a polaris sportsman 850 xp that I plan on parting with. Not very reliable and only has 339 miles. Power steering went out. Should I opt out of ps on the viking? I have test drove one and it vibrates pretty good. Will that simmer down as its broken in as I've read?

Wow that is a lot of questions. Any help would greatly appreciated.


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