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Viking all the way!

The Yamaha viking is a powefull machine, for my 5 th ride i took a ride with two more passenger, i am 6'2", 215 lbs, the Other two riders were togheter about 400 lbs so in that ride we were about 630 pounds plus equipment, we went thru mountains and Rivers without a flaw very confortable with speeds of 40 mph uphill.
I have only seen the pioneer at shows, but after 1,300 miles and 130 hours, i can tell you this is a very powerfull and full versatile machine, and is much wider and longer and stronger than the pioneer, its ride is confortable and it has no limits on where you can drive it.
I Bought maxxis bighorns 2.0 28 inch x 9 x14 rim for the front and 28x11x14 for the back, i have seen 29 inch with stock suspensión and it looks good, but for 30 inch diámeter you Will need a lift kit.
Ther are los of options out there for utility atvs but since my best friend rides his viking in an extreme way and i kind a follow next, i can assure you Will be happy with it, Yamaha has built and outstanding tough machine that can take any road and tons of beating or punishment witout any trouble, after 130 hours on mine and 170 on my friends we have totally no complains sor any mechanical issues whatsoever but Lots of good memories thru the forest, rivers and mud ( lots of it :) )
By the way, viking's eps ( electrónic power steering) is made by kayaba, struts are also KYB, so quality is undisputable, it is a very comfortable ride and steering.
Mine is camo color and with the following mods,
Front Brush guard
50 led light bar
14 inch ITP wheels with 28 maxxis bighorns tires
Yamaha fender flares
WARN Vantage 4000 lb winch

Do not hesitate to get the viking, it Will give you years of trouble free service with tons of fun.
Best of luck!
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