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Go to my website Offroad LED's and use code Lights2015 for the 10% discount.
The prices below reflect the price after the discount.
We will ship out your products the same day if paid for by 3pm Central Monday - Friday.

Single Row Straight
$85.46 20" Single Row Straight
$112.46 30" Single Row Straight

Double Row Straight
$67.46 6" Double Row Straight
$103.46 12" Double Row Straight
$134.96 20" Double Row Straight
$166.46 30" Double Row Straight
$197.95 40" Double Row Straight
$247.46 50" Double Row Straight

Double Row Curved
$116.96 12" Double Row Curved
$143.96 20" Double Row Curved
$215.96 30" Double Row Curved
$278.96 40" Double Row Curved
$284.36 50" Double Row Curved
$305.96 54" Double Row Curved

$17.96 Wireless Remote Control with multiple patterns
$17.96 Wiring Harness with switch for 20" and smaller
$19.76 Wiring Harness with switch for 30" and larger

I guarantee the best price so PM me if you find a better price and I'll beat it.
I warranty my own products, meaning you won't have to wait for Totron, I will ship you a new replacement if it falls under the warranty.
All of these lights come with a quick disconnect, pigtail to connect to your switch, and brackets.
Every light is a combo pattern (spot/flood).
We have just about all of the different sizes of single and double row.
Send me a message and I will tell you the price if its not listed above.

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We have Totron with Osram High Lux LED's !! Prices below have the 10% coupon code discount already taken off.

Totron High Lux (Osram LED) Straight Double Row
$211.46 30"
$242.96 40"
$292.46 50"

Totron High Lux (Osram LED) Curved Double Row
$260.96 30"
$314.96 40"
$329.36 50"

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Another shipment of Osram high lux lights just came in, including the 30" double row straight high lux and 30" double row curved high lux that have been out of stock. These are super bright lights.

You can make a purchase or contact us by going to our website at offroadleds.net or emailing us at [email protected].

Also like us on Facebook. www.facebook.com/offroadleds1
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