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Turkey Hunter has Quetions???

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Hi everyone !!! I have a couple of questions to ask???

1) Whats the best aftermarket Power Steering Kit and what is a Good Price Leaning to Super ATV EZ Power. Cost is about $520 It comes in a new enhanced version?

2) Want to refinance my balance owing ($8800) at better rate than 7.99% Is something better out there and who is it?

3)Who has the best deal on A-Arm guards? Rocky Mountain sells Warn for about $192 ( Complete Set).

Thanks for your help fellow MOUNTIANEERS and SWAMPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey turkey hunter, i cant answer your first 2 questions but as far as a-arm guards go JBS is coming out with custom guards for the viking with the jbs logo on them. Not sure of price yet but theyre suposed to be in this week and im sure james will have them priced competitively. I orderd the first set so as soon as they come in ill get some pics posted
1) Got mine from JBS
2) Got 2.99% apr from Yamaha on mine
3) I'm waiting to see Caspar's
Thanks Casper, and Robleticia I will wait to haar from you guys
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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