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Navigate to your photo gallery.

Album Gallery

From there, you can either "Create New Album", or click into an album that you would like to add a picture to.

If you click Create New Album, you will need to Name the Album, and Decide if it is Public, Private, or Profile. Click Save Changes at the bottom right.

Then click on "Upload Pictures" on the right hand margin.

This will open a new window. You will need to click the button on the right hand top margin with a GREEN "+" and says "Add Files."

You should see a small window appear that has a button called "Select Files" centered at the bottom of that. Click that button.

Select (highlight) the files that you would like to upload to your album. Now click "Open."

This will add the file to the Upload Queue. You can select several files by repeating those steps.

Once you are happy with the selection, click "Upload Files."

Once the photos have uploaded, Click "Done" at the bottom right hand corner of the new window.

This will close the window, and you can focus back on the mail window where VikingForum.net is open. Your photo(s) will be on the screen waiting to be renamed and a description added, though not necessary.

Click the small button called "Save Changes," and the photos will be added to your album.

Once you have them added to the album you will need to click on the photo and find the Image Tags. From there, copy and paste the whole line:

http;//adlfkjhaweradsgfhjlkgjra adlskfjaldf [dot] jpg [/ Img ]

That will tell the browser to display the "http;//adlfkjhaweradsgfhjlkgjra adlskfjaldf [dot] jpg" file as an image and not a clickable link.

If you want it centered, just tell it to center it by putting all of the stuff two lines up smack dab in the middle of center tags.

[center ] http;//adlfkjhaweradsgfhjlkgjra adlskfjaldf [dot] jpg [ / cneter]

All of this without the spaces and using the correct characters obviously. Spaces and misspellings were added to make them show up as text.
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