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These rules are being adopted to create a level playing field for each of our vendors. It is important that we have a set of guidelines, to ensure that each vendor has an equal opportunity to promote and receive exposure. If you or your business have suggestions or questions about these rules please feel free to contact me, and/or post in here. We have also set forth a set of Forum Guidelines for general users. We will do our best to enforce these policies but make no guarantees. As always, you can help by utilizing the “Report Post” tool. This is great aid in making sure Viking Forums is the kind of place you want to advertise. If for some reason you are unable to continue your relationship with Vikingforum.net, please contact [email protected].

The New Members forum is a place for users to introduce themselves, state their needs, and post pictures/info of their current situation and belongings. Because of the nature of this particular forum, Official Site Vendors are restricted from posting in this forum. This forum will be closely monitored for any users/businesses attempting to gain exposure through creative means. Non vendor members who use their business name as their forum user name will also not be allowed to post in these threads.

When posting replies to user inquiries, direct competition is frowned upon. Please note that this is “frowned upon” but not disallowed. This will be up to YOUR discretion. If you feel that someone has directly competed with one of your posts in this way you MUST notify the admins or we may not enforce the rule. We understand that sometimes a user REQUESTS this direct competition in his/her thread. We will not moderate these situations.

No bashing or public display of dislike for another vendor’s products/attitudes/personality etc. We will not expand on this policy, because each of you should understand that entering into this type of discussion will cause damage to your reputation and business livelihood. If you feel that someone has broken this rule you MUST notify the admins or we may not enforce the rule.

Private Message advertising is strictly forbidden, and can result in removal of your advertising and/or posting privileges. This is defined as UNSOLICITED marketing aimed at multiple users.

Signature and avatar advertising is allowed but is restricted to advertising for your business only. Links and pictures of manufacturers that you distribute is forbidden.

Banner advertisers are restricted to creating a maximum of 2 threads per month that are directly intended to market or advertise products, specials, and/or events. Forum owners are unrestricted in posting in their own forum, but must follow the above rule in other forums.

Each vendor account will be allowed a "Official Site Vendor" user accounts. This is an upgraded account with a larger PM box, access to vendor only forums, and will have an updated user name for better exposure on the member list and in threads. It is up to the vendor to choose who uses these accounts, and will be reserved for business employees only.

Each vendor with their own forum is entitled to one moderator of their forum.

All vendors are highly encouraged to offer some sort of discount or special for VikingForums users.

- Flyer
- VS Support Team
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