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viking 700 seat covers

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Just got my viking 700 eps special edition had my Rhino 700 fi for 6 years and loved it. Need seat covers ordered over amazon but dealer could noto get the seat covers cameo so they canceled order so ordered on line from a utv dealers and he could not get them they said yamaha discontinued and one know what would work for a good seat cover
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Yeah, i heard the same thing about the seat covers over on another site,,have you checked eBay? bound to be some place that has them in stock still. Sooner or later i would thing some aftermarket company would make some. If not, i dont see why some Upholstery shop couldn't make you some out of some waterproof fabric.
Yes as a matter of fact took the seat to american seat covers and they are going to make me a set that will be a tough vonly with a draw sting that I can take on and off
Thats great!! I cant see paying so much for Yamaha ones, thats crazy, wasn't they like 99 each?
No way I'd pay that!!
seat covers

No way I'd pay that!!
Will let you know what I end up paying
please do
You can buy a three piece set in Camo for 179.99 at YamahaPartsandAccessories.com
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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