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I made this windshield for my viking with plans to build a full cab by this winter. Due to a death in my family I fell way behind and have opted to buy a full cab since I won't have the time, so the windshield is for sale. It is a metal powder coated frame, housing auto glass. It is hinged and flips up with two gas shocks. It is equipped on the bottom with two sun roof hinges that allow you to open it just a bit for ventilation, or press the buttons and fully raise the windshield (remember the old style removable sun roofs, that style hinge on bottom. Now this is home made so it isn't the prettiest but it is tough and does a fantastic job. $400 alaska_av8r at yahoo. I would expect you'd want to pick this up since packing for shipping would be tough, I live in northern MS, about 10 miles south of Memphis, TN... Does not come with gas struts, I can give u part numbers for those, you'll also need roll bar mount brackets, available on most sites.

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