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Viking, Hard starting when hot

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Hello all,
I have a 2015 viking vi eps with 1500 miles.
I bought it with 1450 miles.
When it is cold it starts and runs fine.
But after it has run for about 10 minutes (warms up). It is hard to start. (Crank no start).
You can give it alittle throttle and it usually fires up but seems like it is flooded then clears up.
Only does this when warm.
Im at a loss and really dont want to take it to the dealer @ $ 125 hour.

I have replaced:
1.Fuel pump and cleaned tank.( it atcually went out last week).
2.Changed spark plugs twice. And they look like its running rich.
3.Checked and adjusted valves. Intake was at low end of spec. Exhaust was right in middle of specs.
4.Tried adjusting tps
5.Checked fuel injector (visual) seems clean and ran some seafoam through everyrthing.
6. Checked air filter and removed with no change.
7. Checked for any holes in air intake.
8. Cleaned throttle plate/body.
9. Adjusted the screw on top of throttle cable housing. This is the only thing that seemed to help alittle.
Any help would be appreciated.
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