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Viking Wheel and Tire Change

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Hi folks just wanted to get some information about changing my tires and wheels. Currently I have 27" Interco Reptile Radials on my stock 12" rims. I 'am thinking about replaces them with the same tires, and 14" rims. So my question is do I need spacers, and should I go with 14x 7" or 14x8" width?

The new wheels are Black Vision Lockout and they come in wither the 7 or 8 inch width Total price for wheels and tires delivered, and ready to mount is $782 Thanks for your opinions

Turkey Hunter headed West on 10/14 with the Viking. Elk beware!!! I can come get you know !!!!!!!!!!!
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i have sti hd4 wheels and went with a 14x9 wheel with a 5-2 offset. my tires are 27x9 fronts and 27x11 rears. didnt need spacers.
sorry. my wheels are 14x7 not 14x9
Thanks King for the information. The tires are a match, on size to what I have now. When I sell my current one I will replace with the same size. I love your wheels. It actually came down to them and the Lock Outs I'm properly going with. Thanks for your input
We also carry the Vision Lock out wheels to fit your machine in either Black or Chrome. Here is a link to them:

Vision Lockout Wheels

Here is a link to the Interco Radial Reptile tires:

Interco Radial Reptile Tires

Our price for a set of 27x9R-14 and 27x11R-14 Radial Reptile tires along with a set of 4 Vision Lockout Wheels and a spline drive lug kit is currently $794.54. Shipping is free plus when you buy tires and wheels at the same time we mount them free. No tax for GA.

Let us know if we can be of assistance.
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your welcome hunter. good luck on your elk hunt. post up some pics when you get back!!
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