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Water in front differential…

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So, I got this viking from auction a couple years ago and it had some front end damage and I had a hard time getting parts due to pandemic. I finally got everything together AND the time to start working on it and I was working on replacing the passenger front suspension, steering, and drive shaft (it got rocked pretty hard). As I slid out the drive shaft I saw the chocolate brown fluid coming out of the diff… I removed the drain and out came a ton of water then gloopy diff fluid…

So, in my mind I need to pull the diff apart and see how bad it is. I pulled it out of the Viking to get it on the bench. It spins fine. From what I can see inside the axle holes the gears that I can see have some slight rust on them but they don’t look terrible… However I’m worried about bearings and things I can’t see.

So, I want to tear into it… But looking at the shop manual I see this warning:

The ring gear and differential gear are assembled into a proper unit at the factory by means of specialized equipment. Do not attempt to disassemble this unit. Disassembly will result in the malfunction of the unit.
I’m not a professional mechanic, but also not a total dummy… Which is why I’m here, am I asking for it opening this up or what? Is it just talking about setting backlash and being dramatic about it?

Oh as to why there’s water in it, I noticed no tube on the breather, it was just the open nipple there that would easily pickup any water from a crossing.

2016 Viking VI Ranch Edition EPS
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