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water in fuel?

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Was wheeling at the river and as you can see in my profile pic i got stuck in a pretty good h ole! Anywho i had a buddy pull me out, drained my belt and limped on home. Got my oil changed and checked diffs everything was good but when id put along around 15-20mph it would kinda sputter before it would take off, i also got to climping some pretty good hills and noticed it would die when it got to a certain angle. I had a full tank of fuel when i gpt stuck and am now down to 1/4 now. Put a little heet in it but will still die on the hillclimbs but no more stuttering. Yiu guys think it could be water in the fuel? Sorry for the misspelled words im on my phone!
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Ya water in the fuel, and you will probably have to change out your fuel filter also, not sure if these tanks have a drain, if it does, I would drain the tank and start out fresh

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I agree. Not sure if there is a drain or not, but you can use a piece of hose to pull the gas out. I would also change the fuel filters. Did you get any water in the air filter? If so, that could cause it to act up, believe I would double check the air filter while I was going over it. If it is breathing through a wet air filter it will sputter and jump and lunge also. Best of luck to you.
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Airfilter is dry now, had maybe 1/4" of water get in the airbox. Were are the fuel filters located at on these?
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