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what is the largest tire I can put on the factory wheel

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I hope this hasn't been asked before but what is the largest size tire I can put on the factory 2015 Viking wheels?
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I got 14" STI BEADLOCKS WITH 28" rocktane XD. True 28" tire. Rubs just a little at a full right turn with full suspension cycling. Climbs like a mountain goat. They are heavy, but with 900 miles no trouble with stock shims etc. I rock crawl a lot. There good in mud , but not the best. Made for rock. I had the factory installed big horn 2.0's. Hated them. All I done was keep them plugged and patched. My brother runs same size but uses black water ITP's. Evolution I think. I ordered mine from Rocky Mountain ATV. Good price. Got the bash plate and warn a arm guards.
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You can put 27 inch tires on your stock 12 inch wheels. There are many good brands depending on what you are looking for in a tire.

UTV Tires by Brand
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27's work perfect.
What would the sizes be? 27/8.00R12 and 27/10.00R12?
Not 100% sure but I think some people on the forums have been putting on 28" swamplites and 28" zillas on stock rims without rubbing on tierods etc. cheers

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I have a 2015 Viking. Has anyone have any experience with the Duro mud and sand tires
That sounds like a nice ride. Got any pic. I just bought a 2015 Viking
Has anyone put Zillas 28x10x12 & 28x12x12 on their stock rims, does any one know if they will fit and not rub with no lift.
I want to get a nice set mud/trail tires but don't want to scratch and beat the hell out of nice rims. I want to get a nice set of rims with more of a street tire for around the neighborhood and lake and use the stock rims for out on the trails....
Any help would be GREAT
The tires on 14" wheels, is not factory wheels, as the OP asked about.
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