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Wheel swap (Viking & Grizzly)

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To save some money buying new wheels/tires for the Viking, I was thinking about swapping the 27-10-14's off the grizzly. Beides I would get my power back on the grizz with the smaller, lighter ones off the Viking. At first glance it appears the wheel studs are a different size. I think I could just get new lug nuts if there are no other differences. What do you guys think? Will it work? Thanks, TR
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Im pretty sure ive heard they'll work, you just need differnet Lugs. Also, you will probally need different center caps, cause most are to shallow for the Vikings hubs.
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Vikings run steel wheels unless you get the SE. Grizzly's run aluminum. I'm not sure the weight difference but my Viking's back wheels and tires weighed 33 lbs.
I just bought a set of wheels and tires off a Viking they are 14" ss and the worked great
I know TxRancher who started this obviously has aftermarket rims on his grizzly.
I have an extra set of factory SE Grizzly rims but they seem to have a different offset on the back than the Viking. I never had a Rhino, did they have different offset too? I guess I'll either have to get spacers (which sound like too much money) or new rims or stick out with the ugly steel ones.

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I think (not positive) the lugs are a different diameter??
the lugs on grizzly are 10 mm lugs on Viking are 12mm I had to go to the dealership and buy different lugs but the holes were plenty big enough for te larger lugs. make sure you have thin wall sockets because the impact sockets were to thick to get in there
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