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Picked up a Viking VI last month.

And want opinions and educated advice.

My use for the Viking VI will be:

This is going to be used as a vehicle to drive on the roads (paved) for the spring, summer and fall on a small island in the Great Lakes.
In late fall and winter it will be in the snow and be used as my ice fishing vehicle....so driving in decent snowfall and on a frozen lake (Lake Erie).

I want a decent road tire and can actually add chains in the winters if needed, but has to have somewhat of a decent tread to it....just not a all out mud tire!

What size wheel and tire can I use (biggest) WITHOUT upgrading the clutch!

Any other accessories you think will be good are welcomed too.

Already ordered the full enclosure, mirrors and Wet Sound 6 sounder...already installed turn signals & horn.


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Of course. Just stay light. Say Zillas.

Oh, but you got to keep in mind that chains are really heavy. I kept my stock tires and wheels and mounted chains on them for ice conditions. You probably don't want to add chains to 27" or larger tires.

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I think the best set up for your Viking VI based on what your looking to do with it, would be something like this:

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Black Tread

UTV Headquarters - MSA M20 Kore Wheels w/ EFX MotoGrip Tires

This has a nice off-road tread design but provides a smooth ride on hard surfaces ( I.e. Paved roads at Put-in-Bay). This is a d.o.t. approved tire that is available in a 26" and 28" height.
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