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Just bought a 2014 viking(love it) and was wondering what kind of windshields people are going with . Full, half,or fold down . Also what brand are you using . Thanks
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I have to full FIXED windshield and love it when it rains....otherwise. I keep it off as it attracts dust, mud, and it gets hard to see out of it when the sun hits it right with all that grime on it. If I were to do it again, I'd go with the folding windshield but even then, I run in areas where I get a lot of brush brushing up against the Viking and I'm almost positive that a branch would catch that windshield and swing it up and/or break it.

In other words, I have my windshield 95% of the time off.
In other words, I have my windshield 95% of the time off.
That explains the bugs in your teeth.
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i want a full real glass windshield that I can put a wiper on. plan on doing trail riding and snow plowing. Currently I have a homemade plexigalss - leftover material is why.
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