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won't shift?

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I let the battery die and charged it over night, but now it won't turn over and shows it is in high gear. The shifter will move but won't shift into nuetral, the light never moves off of H. Has anyone ever run into this before?
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Almost sounds like you need to reboot somehow, disconnect battery let it set a minute, then hook back up, could be a bad battery now to, not enough of a charge to crank it over

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If it thinks it's in Hi, have yyou tried holding the brake when you're trying to start it?
Tried starting it from a car or other known good battery?
The battery is only 8 months old and seems to hold a good charge. I disconnected it this morning and nothing changed. I also shift and start with the break on but nothing.
After 3.1 hours & 21 miles my Viking was stuck in reverse......I could move the gear shifter but the red light stayed on & it only went backwards!!!! Took it back to the dealer & had it checked yesterday. They discovered that the clip on the gear cable had come off, put a new one on for me, & its good as new.
Oh ya if it's in gear you have to press down on brake pedal to start it

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Will it roll like it is in neutral or is it truly stuck in gear? Is the brake switch working?

Interesting problem and I am curious of the fix...
Have you checked the shift linkage yet?

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No it won't roll and I checked the linkage, it looks good but I am going back to look for pins and clips.
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