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Would you still buy a Viking

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Knowing what you know about the viking now and was going to purchase a sxs would it still be the viking or would it be a different sxs?????
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Yep, Id still pick the Viking. Yamaha is the only brand ive Trusted over the years, and they have never let me down.
I cant say everything about the Viking is perfect... but Yamaha has un-matched reliability in the atv/utv market, IMO.....My previous Yamaha ATV just would not die.. and I mean that.. that is what made me get one...My brothers 09 Ranger 700XP with approx. 3500 miles on it has had more ball joints, bearings, bushings replaced in it than anyone that hasn't owned one would believe, and he doesn't beat it,,.. Again I think in certain areas the Ranger outperforms my Viking (this is from my experience),.For me it came down to reliability. But I would buy my buggy again just for the sake of it being a Yamaha and they are Bulletproof.
Same here with Yamaha ATVs, pretty bulletproof as they say. Polaris on the otherhand, i tried a new 2010 Ranger 500, and it was a lemon id say, and i didnt get any help fixing the issue from dealers or Polaris, and id NEVER recommend anything Polaris. NEVER EVER
Well, I had my Yamaha Grizzly 700fi and my 2009 Ski-Doo Expedition for sale this fall. I was convinced that
I wanted the Viking. After a test drive, neither my wife or I like the Viking. It simply was too noisy for us.
So I am keeping the Griz and Doo. We will see what Yamaha does in the next couple of years. I want a
quiet machine.
Looks like I am waffleing and just put the snowmobile up for sale again. Looks like it is gone on
Tuesday. Snowmobiling isn't my favorite hobby. So a SXS is back on plan, I just don't know what
or when. Viking is top on my list and Polaris is on the bottom. The new Honda Pioneer would be
higher if it had a dedicated low range gear. Where I live it is just more practical to have a sxs
for ice fishing, hunting, and plowing snow. I will sell my Griz700 with plow this spring, and that
should mostly pay for the sxs. Sure would like to see something new in Jun 2015 release.
The Viking is a beast. I personally cant recommend Polaris to anyone after my experience with them. I can recommend Can-am, as i have a 2011 Oulander 800 XT-P, and i really like it, and its gave me no issues at all.
I would like to see a Viking with a 500cc 80 hp Phazer motor.... I tested out a Ranger XP900 and liked the quiet running engine... However in mud and snow the Ranger can't hold a candle to the Viking. In comparison it is like the Viking is on rails!
I like the Viking had a prowler 700 had no problem with it till I wrecked it [totaled it] but like the Viking setter

Would I love 1000cc's with a turbo??? DUH! Of course I would, but it cant haul 3 people and all our hunting gear! I like the Yamaha quality added to the fact that all things considered, this is the best bike for me and me and my money. Don't buy a bike based on popularity, buy what fits YOU and you're needs.
Definitely would! Took my viking to mud nationals this weekend and was riding with my buddies who all have can am and polaris rides. They broke axles, hubs, differentials and I didn't break anything. And I'm running the biggest, and heaviest tires with stock axles I was also the guy that went through every hole first so I could winch every body else across lol
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Did you have any problem with your front drive shaft yolk slipping?
No clutch kit yet but I plan on it. And no problem with drive shaft slipping.
Yup. I would certainly buy one again. So far it hasn't failed to do exactly what I needed.
I actually wasn't the only one that didn't break anything. There was a guy with a rhino and a guy with a grizzly that didn't break anything lol. Yamaha for the win!
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Check out this video on youtube at the 18:45! Is this your viking?

Mud Nationals 2015
Jason Williams 924 views
Can't get the link to work-type that in on youtube and find that video.
Nah that's not me
After a year, approx 400 miles, still no regrets. So many times needed the 3rd seat. Been places some utvs and atvs didn't make it. kept up with an rzr 800. also been a workhorse when needed.

Want a glass windshield and cab for snow plowing. Hoping can find one 1000-1500.

only complaint is noise, but not too bad.
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