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Yamaha Viking Top Speed Video...

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Tops out a little over 50 mph - what do ya think? Way or No way :)...

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I bet it will do 50 mph on a nice flat road like that. What is that loud whistling sound at about 2:33? I sure hope that's the camera mic or something because that's brutal to listen to!
According to my gps, my viking will do about 51 maxed out, about the same thing as my speedometer says
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Thanks for verifying this! That's pretty darn fast down a trail if you think about it.
ya to fast 4 me on the trails, on the road once in a great while I will, but no way thru the woods, trees don't bounce, or big rocks, or big holes, speed isn't why I bought it anyway, tho it is nice to have when u need it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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