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I realize that any video put out by a manufacturer will be biased toward their product, but this video really changed my mind about my future purchase. I went and looked over a Viking at a powersports dealer in Ladson, SC., and then drove 2 miles down the road to a shop selling Rangers. Some of the key differences between the models illustrated in this video were confirmed. The undercarriage protection on the Viking is superior to the Ranger and the space and layout of the passenger seating is pretty obvious. What really sold me was the placement of the engine under the dump bed. My friend has a Ranger 800 and the first thing I noticed on a ride with him was the heat from the engine directly under the seat. This might be nice in the winter but I live in Georgia where its warm most of the time. The Ranger 900 has the engine under the bed but I'm not spending several thousands more when the Viking has the same engine placement. A lot of Rhino and other brand owners are poo pooing the engine size but after watching the home made video of the speed test on a dirt road I'm convinced the Viking is going to do everything I need it to do on my property.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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